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remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

Anonymous: My mom almost died giving birth to me 19 years ago, and every time I see my four younger siblings plus when I see her I always think "what an amazing woman." She is truly my hero. I thank God for her everyday. She is the reason why I try so hard in everything that I do. I love seeing her smile. :)


I honestly love people like you

Message me something that changed your life(;

yung-brooklyn: On behalf of my race I apologize for the racist anon.. Not all white people are like that and I think it's pathetic how people can still call others dirty and make other negative comments just because of a skin colour and id also like to point out that they're completely hypocritical because if they were such a good person they wouldn't be saying those words.. Being white doesn't make you good and being black doesn't make you bad, I'm tired of seeing this bullshit it's 2014 man


amen babe I totally agree